Top Reasons to Order Custom Made Shoes 

Just a few years ago, as the frenzy of a fast-paced lifestyle took its toll, preference for custom made shoes took a heavy decline and appeared to have met its most fatal blow. After all, when there are so few hours during a busy week, rushing out to a nearby store to pick ready-to-wear shoes appears nice and more convenient than waiting for weeks or months for your shoes. Nevertheless, with the emergence of a new breed of creative, skilled and reliable Singapore cobblers who make superb personalized shoes, the custom made shoes industry has recently experienced a massive revival, attracting clients from across the globe by offering fabulous shoes online. Indeed, today, there are many people in Singapore and abroad who do not mind waiting for a short while to have their shoes custom made.


What are the top reasons why you should order custom made shoes?

(a) Incredibly High Quality Shoes

Custom made shoes are typically handcrafted using the finest quality materials and according to the most effective construction standards. Since the shoe owners are usually involved in making decisions regarding materials used to construct their shoes, handcrafted shoes are often made of full-grain leather from the uppers, soles to the inner lining, resulting in amazing durability. Similarly, custom made shoes are constructed using durable Blake Welting method, making the shoes flexible, light, waterproof, durable and “resole-able”. Consequently, custom shoes will not break down easily as typical run-of-the-mill shoes and will last up to 2 decades of use.

(b) Absolutely Comfortable

Is your left foot bigger than your right foot? Up to 60% of people have two different sizes of feet and have a hectic time shopping for perfectly fitting standard-sized mass-produced shoes. If you are sick of wearing shoes that do not fit you perfectly, it is time to consider buying custom made shoes. Handcrafted shoes are designed from the owner’s exact foot measurements and from handpicked materials that will offer utmost comfort to the feet. Besides, the makers of handcrafted shoes usually feel a sense of responsibility to their clients and will ensure that the shoes are as comfortable and perfectly-fitting as possible so they can have repeat purchases and referrals from their previous clients.

(c) Unique Confidence-Inspiring Shoes

If you want to wear shoes that are absolutely unique and that have nothing similar to them in the world, then custom made shoes from Singapore are your ideal options. Whether you plan to make a statement at an upcoming party or want shoes that will compel people to turn with wonder as you pass by, custom made shoes will do these and more for you. In fact, custom shoes will save you from the torture of wondering about which shoes to wear for an occasion because they will be completely unique and tailored according to the event and to your favorite outfits. You are unique and you deserve to be one of a kind by wearing shoes that are only made for you.

Equally, custom made shoes from Singapore will make you feel extra-special and more confident because of their uniqueness and beauty. With the shoes on your feet, you will not only draw attention, but will also express your personality, status and class in a way that boosts your self-esteem and makes you confident in your undertakings. In fact, when ordering custom made shoes, you are free to inform your designer of your tastes and preferences and of the necessary adjustments that will make the shoes to suit your lifestyle and occupation. There are even Singapore shoemakers who will allow you to choose colors and materials for your shoes, allowing you to have shoes that represent who you are and fill you with confidence.

(d) Huge Variety of Options

While made-to-wear shoes have a limited number of options you can buy per price range, customized shoes offer you a broad range of options, designs, toe shapes and colors, from the simplest to the most complicated ones (like medallion and brogue toes). Generally, you can customize your shoes according to your budget and add your preferred features conveniently at a competitive price. Equally, custom made shoes from Singapore will allow you to enjoy hassle-free shopping as you will only need to set up an appointment with an expert shoemaker, make your design and style selections, have your feet measured, test the lasts and have your shoes designed according to your preferences. With custom made shoes from Singapore, there are no fruitless visits to stores as you search for your preferred shoes.


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