The Various Kinds of Staffing Services

One of the most important tasks of a manager in a corporate concern is perhaps, the process of staffing. There are numerous activities that are involved in this process, which makes careful handling of the entire procedure so vital. JD Dukes a business strategist too, opines that staffing is one of the most crucial points of focus for the successful running of a business. This is the process, that in a way is responsible for the future of a company, because through the right selection of staff of a company, is the realisation of vision made possible.

Selection of candidates, screening job candidates, identifying and determining what kind of skills, knowledge and experience is required based on the specifications of the client, making considerations to obtain expertise by hiring from outside or outsourcing, are all considered as the tasks of the staffing process. After recruiting the proposed candidates, the next job is to get them equipped by providing them trainings, facilities, and assignments.

There are different policies of staffing at different workplaces, and therefore careful execution of the process is to be done based on the customised design and approved policies. The staffing firms offer different kinds of staffing services, they are:

  1. Temporary Staffing Service: as its name suggests, this type of service is meant for the short term requirements of a company. Often the temporary absence of an employee makes a position in the company vacant, and it is these positions that can be filled through this process. Also if the work pressure is immense, some companies hire more man power temporarily to carry out the work quicker. The lengthy recruitment process is avoided to a great extent with this and a large amount of finances is also saved. This has thus become a favourite with most companies.
  2. Project Staffing/Long-Term Staffing Service: the professional and technical fields usually use this service because their recruitment process is done on the basis of the requirement of the ensuing project. It is definitely wiser for a company to hire employees through this service rather than hiring employees on a permanent basis.
  3. Contract-to-Hire/Temporary-to-Permanent Staffing Service: again as the name suggests it is a combination of temporary and permanent staffing. Through this a client company may hire an employee whoa appears to meet their requirements on a temporary basis, however, if the company finds that the employee is absolutely perfect to meet their demands, they could include his name in their pay roll permanently. This is better than permanently hiring someone at once because it gives more time to the company to analyze and understand the potential of the employee.

Depending on what the needs of the client company is the staffing services are availed, because at the end of the day, as ace business strategist and former worker of Key Technical a placement and staffing firm, JD Dukes, very rightly points out that all business owners need to take out time to sift through his various options of proposed employees.

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