The Milwaukee Bucks- NBA Team That Everyone Loves In Wisconsin!

The NBA has its share of amazing teams and the Milwaukee Bucks is indeed no exception! It has a huge fan base of young and old people not only in the USA but across the world. Its fans love to see their iconic players in action. The loving mascot Bernie Brewer and the famous sausages of the Sausage Race held at their games are widely anticipated. Like their counterparts, The Milwaukee Bucks also has many amazing stories and facts that keep fans hooked to their updates and news. The team is widely loved and respected by all and sundry at Wisconsin!

Sandy Petrocelli is a fan of all Wisconsin NBA and NFL teams. He says that he is really proud of the fact that his favorite teams are all super achievers at the tournaments that are held here. Each team of Wisconsin has an enriching history and fans like him love to share their amazing stories and facts. Some of the teams here at Wisconsin were originally expansion teams and with the passage of time became independent teams only to win the hearts of their ardent fans. He says the Milwaukee Bucks is one such team that he loves and prides to be a fan of!

The Milwaukee Bucks- Some historical facts

While speaking about his favorite team, he shares some amazing historical facts! He says that the team was founded in 1968 as an expansion team and the NBA granted its franchise to a group that belonged to Wesley Pavalon and Marvin Fishman. Originally the name of the Group was The Milwaukee Professional Sports and Services Inc. The Group wanted to change the name and so it decided to conduct a fan contest. Here, the team would be given a new name and over 40,000 people participated in it. One close competitor to the name Bucks was Robin that was the state bird of Wisconsin. However, the judges of the contest decided to go with the name of Bucks. The latter is the wild tailed deer that is the official wild animal  of the state. In fact, R.D Treblicox who had suggested the name received a brand new car!

Evolution of the team

The subsequent years saw the Milwaukee Bucks growing as a popular team. It played their first game against the Chicago Bulls in the NBA season. Being an expansion team, meant the Milwaukee Bucks had to face a lot of trials and tribulations to win the hearts of fans across the USA and the world. In fact, they had to play at least 6 games before they experienced their first winning match in the NBA series. In the first year of their playing at the NBA, they could win 26 games. However, since there, the team has risen a very long way and is today one of the best loved teams in Wisconsin.

Sandy Petrocelli says that he is very fond of this iconic team and takes time to keep track of its matches, updates and news to share with like-minded fans in the USA!

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