Racing Boat Supreme – The Feilun FT011 2.4G 55km/h RC Racing Boat

Having a hobby is a terrific way to unwind and revel in your time. It offers the opportunity to you and takes your mind off. Did you realize that putting together a model boat is regarded as among the hobbies? 1 reason behind this is because a model vessel is many a creation that’s loved by many. Actually, a few of those models can be sold for a price that was good.

There are all kinds of model ship kits out there for your pleasure. A number of the ones that are popular would be the Feilun FT011. These may create some boats that catch.  What this indicates is show off and they’re developed to set up on a shelf.

You are able to acquire model boat kits that have been made for all kinds of skill levels.  Others will need a great deal of skill and are complicated. The end results are worth the time and effort that you put into them, although these may have a lengthy duration of time and lots of patients.

A number of the models which are available are Boat Toys.  Any kind of model that you’re currently searching for can be found. There are some tools which are necessary to put a model boat together. These could be located if you prefer you can order these from stores that were special or in the regional craft shop. There are several stores that can offer any sort of model boat kit to you which you want. Buying from online can offer you a selection that is bigger than anywhere else can be found by you.

The website is also a wonderful place to get tips and tips about the best way best to put these models together. A few of these sites may offer information on various degrees of difficulty to you. Many will supply tips for a number of their products to you if you need assistance. Model boats are a terrific way to spend your time.

New high speed RC boat, speed up to 55km/h

Water cooling and flipped self-righting function

Low voltage prompt function

Professional torsion propeller

With anti-collision bumper

Powerful brushless motor, 14.8V 2200mAh rechargeable battery

2.4G frequency technology can make it feature high capacity of resisting disturbance

With forward / backward, turn left and right, flipped self-righting function

Brand: Feilun

Model: FT011

Frequency: 2.4GHz

Material: ABS

Battery for transmitter: 6 * AA battery (not included)

Battery for boat: 14.8V 2200mAh lithium battery (T plug)

Battery dimension: 105 * 37 * 30mm

Operation distance: about 100-150 meters

Running speed: max to 55km/h

Charging time: about 3 hours

Working Time: about 5-10min

Function: forward, backward, turn left and right, with flipped self-righting function

Protection function: overcharge/over discharge

Item size: 650 * 180 * 136mm

Item weight: 1234g

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