Personal Injury Attorney Cost: How Can You Save

Following an accident where you sustained injuries, you might want to hire a personal injury lawyer. However, the services of an attorney does not come free and it is important that you understand personal injury attorney cost.

When hiring an attorney, make sure you have all details of the costs and expenses handled at the beginning to avoid any friction between you and your lawyer at the end of a personal injury case.

Everything In Writing

When dealing with personal injury cost, it is best to have details of expenses and fees in writing. This will help protect you and and the lawyer in case there is a disagreement at the end of the day. Most lawyers are very careful when putting fees in black and white but most states have laws that require them to do it.

Remember, the written agreement must also cover details about costs or any expenses during the negotiation or a lawsuit. You will be the one to shoulder these out of the settlement money you will receive.

Contingency Fee

Attorneys who take personal injury cases do not ask for fees up front. As an alternative they take a case on a contingency basis where fees will be deducted from the settlement amount that might be awarded to their clients.

Take note that this is not cheap and usually involves around 30 to 40 percent of the settlement amount.

How To Negotiate Personal Injury Attorney Fees

If you want to keep a bigger chunk of the settlement fee, you need to try and negotiate the fee of your personal injury lawyer.

Lower Contingency Fees. Some lawyers might be willing to lower their contingency fee especially when you have already done some part of their job. Let’s say you have already gathered documents and evidences relevant to your case, you can bring this during your initial consult and make sure you put emphasis on how you tried to organize everything so it will make life the lawyer easier. You can propose a reduction of fees and see if your lawyer has that margin to lower the fees.

Settlement Negotiation Fees. There are lawyers who can resolve cases without having to go through litigation. If this is the case, you can ask the lawyer to lower his contingency fees. In case an early settlement attempt does not materialize, you will need to pay the usual fees involved in similar cases.

Specific Amount. You can also negotiate a specific amount paid on top of a portion of the settlement amount. The aim is to have a win win situation for you and lawyer.

Hourly Pay To A Certain Limit. You can prearrange a limit for an hourly fee structure which shifts to contingency fee arrangement if the case is not settled upon hitting the set hourly pay limit.

Pay For Legal Advice. You can also hire a lawyer to just give you specific advice on legal and technical issues. You will be doing most of the footwork and negotiation. The lawyer can also enter the picture in case you need to prepare for a lawsuit.

Perhaps the biggest factor when hiring a lawyer is the cost of his or her services. features articles that cover personal injury attorney cost and other details that you need to know.

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