It is always good to know that you can eat comfort food, such as Chinese food, when you have had a hard day at the office or you need to take a break from cooking. Chinese food is often the staple of the single person who often eats out but likes to take a reprieve by staying in and eating Oriental cuisine.  Whether you go into a restaurant and order the food to consume at home or have Chinese food delivered, it is simply an ideal source of sustenance for anyone who works and needs a break from Western-style cooking.

Chinese Food Always Tastes Good No Matter Where It Is Eaten

A Competitive Market

Spicy Chinese takeaway in Bristol and elsewhere in the UK is a popular ethnic cuisine. According to the BBC, Chinese food has been a dominant ethnic cuisine ever since its popularisation in the 1950s and 60s. However, currently, the taste for this traditional cuisine is changing. Market researchers at Mintel say that the traditional Chinese restaurant is now competing against more modernised Chinese style restaurants and all-Asian buffets that sell Asian fare at one set price.

Wok Sales Increase among UK Consumers

More people in the UK are even cooking Chinese food at home. Nevertheless, Indian and Chinese eateries and takeaways are among the most popular type of restaurants in the UK. Some of the succulent dishes loved by UK consumers include pork with dumplings, stir-fried chicken with such tasty additions as spring onions, and sizzling beef topped with oyster sauce. According to Mintel, the research company, Chinese sauce-based dishes are popular with consumers. The influence of takeaway food has also resulted in an increase in wok sales – sales of these cooking tools have increased by almost 50% year on year according to the Amazon website.

Regional Chinese Cuisine

Acclaimed chef Ken Hom, who is known for his Chinese cookery masterclasses, said that the way Chinese food is prepared in the UK has changed dramatically since the beginning of the 80s. At that time, most takeaways mainly served sweet and sour pork. At that time too, he said, Brits generally had a stereotypical attitude towards Chinese food. Now, Chinese food, according to the chef, features regional dishes from the cuisine as well. Dishes are delineated by the province in which they originate, such as the Hunan or Sichuan provinces of China.

Some of the Favourite Chinese Foods among Brits: The Savoury Flavour is the Draw

Some of the favourite foods in British restaurants that feature Chinese cuisine include Cantonese dim sum – parcels of foods that are served in steamer baskets and originate from the south of China. Eight regional cuisines are represented among Chinese foods and entrees. Hunan cuisine is associated with garlic and chilli flavours, including its famous Hunan crispy duck. Chinese Fujian dishes are made up of umami or savoury cuisine as well as seafood-based entrees. Other culinary styles include those of Shandong, Jiangsu and Sichuan. The savoury flavour is the big draw for Brits – a nice taste to relish and enjoy after a tough day at work.


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