When you finally decide that you’re ready for a dog or for another dog, you’ll probably have to decide between adopting a shelter dog or buying one from a breeder. Breeders tend to produce very beautiful and well-mannered dogs. If they’re purebreds, you’ll have a dog that is certified by one or more kennel clubs to be a purebred dog of a certain breed. That’s something that certain people find important. However, if you don’t plan to show your dog at dog shows, a purebred dog with certifications isn’t really necessary. Also, you have to think about all of those dogs at the breeder that don’t fit the qualifications for the various kennel clubs. Certain humane breeders sell them anyway. Other breeders donate them to shelters. Some just kill them.

3 Reasons to Adopt a Dog

The most humane and rewarding way to find a new dog is to adopt one. Here are three reasons why.

#1 – You’ll Save a Life

Whether the dog is in a kill shelter or a no-kill shelter, its life is in jeopardy without a permanent home. The estimates vary but hundreds of thousands of dogs are put to sleep in Australia every year. If you choose to adopt a dog, you’ll be saving at least one from this fate. Also, you’ll be doing your small part to reduce the homeless pet population, which has become a pretty serious problem.

#2 – You’ll Save Money

In addition to saving a life, you’ll save some cash. It’s not the most important reason for adopting but it’s definitely important. When you choose to adopt a pet, you’ll save that animal’s life as well as open up space for another animal at the shelter. In a sense, every adoption actually saves two animals. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t save a little money on your good deed.

Depending on the shelter, adopting a dog typically costs just enough to keep the shelter afloat. That means the animal will probably be sold at the lowest possible cost to you. Also, shelter dogs are often already spayed or neutered and vaccinated; you’ll save some money there as well.

#3 – You Can Still Find a Purebred Dog

It might take a little more patience, but purebred dogs do make their way to shelters on occasion. You might have to ask around a little and keep re-checking with your local shelter, but it’s possible. If your heart is set on a purebred dog, a rescue can still be the best way to go for all the reasons stated.

Moreover, the purebred dogs that reach the shelters are often the ones that are technically purebred but do not fit the narrow paradigms for the kennel clubs. These dogs are the ones that are not as valuable monetarily so they’re discarded. For example, one kennel club defines a boxer as a predominately brown-furred animal. Therefore, if a boxer is born with white fur, she isn’t considered a true boxer and isn’t worth as much. You can save that dog from a fate she doesn’t deserve. She deserves a good home, just like every dog, and you can be the one to provide it.



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