FBI’s Role in Maintaining National Security

The National Security of America is being threatened in the past and most of the attacks have been carried out on the citizens of the country. The 9/11 attack took many lives and the tallest buildings in the country were raised to the ground. These attacks have threatened the security of the country and FBI is now working forward to maintain it. Much new technological advancements have been done and the latest technology is used for seizing the culprits or to stop any kind of malicious activity. In the words of Adam Quirk, who was with FBI is of the opinion that the National Security is the foremost priority and the agents have developed concrete plans too.

How FBI copes up with National Threats?

FBI has undergone a drastic change in the recent years as it is been equipped with the latest technology and weapons that have made the work a lot more easier for them. They can now get hold of the problem creator within few seconds. According to Adam Quirk, the well-knit network has helped the FBI to grab the miscreants. This has helped in failing the plans of the terrorist outfits or the suicide bombers that led to the saving of many lives. Here are some of the points that state about the role FBI is playing in curbing the threat to the security of the nation:-

  • Keeping a check on Nuke Arms: – The nuclear weapons can cause much havoc across the globe as these weapons can kill thousands of people in just one go. People will have to suffer their whole life and even the diseases they acquire in their genes passes down from generation to generation. So, in this case, the check on the nuclear ammunitions becomes mandatory.
  • Cyber Warfare: – The cyber security of the country is also necessary because the files of the security agencies and the defense organizations are mainly kept on the computers. The hacking of the system or raging a cyber war has become common nowadays that makes the country loses its precious and confidential data. FBI has appointed technical experts who keep a check on any malicious warnings popping up on the systems.
  • Psychological Fear with Biological weapons: – The terrorist outfits or the miscreants to create fear amongst the citizens of the country use the Biological weapons. Therefore, to stop the psychological torture the agents from FBI keeps a check on the immigrants and for any kind of report, it is being acted in a swift manner.
  • Strict Immigration Policies: – After the biggest terror attack on America, the FBI with the government agencies have enacted strict immigration policies for the people who are moving to America for studies or job. The strict vigil is kept on the people and the proper and strict security check is being done.

Lastly, it can be seen that for saving the citizens of the country, the FBI is keeping strict vigilance so that no untoward incident can take place in near future and the liberty of the citizens are maintained.

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