Check out these telehandler hire tips

There is no task that you cannot carry out with a telehandler. A telehandler, or a telescopic handler, allows you to lift heavy objects fast and reach up and over obstacles, calculate loads, enhance your productivity, and make the workplace a lot safer. This powerful machine can do the work of 5 employees. Simply put, a telehandler is an invaluable piece of construction equipment. A telescopic handler is the ideal tool to have on the jobsite.

Your construction activity has increased and you need a telehandler right away. The question now is what do you do. Do you hire or buy? You will be happy to hear that you are not the only one losing sleep over this issue. When it comes to heavy lifting machinery, it is always better to hire. Not only are there many telehandlers for hire, but also you do not have to pay for maintenance costs.

If you want the telehandler available for each job, opt for hiring. To make sure that you are hiring the right piece of construction equipment for the job, check out the following tips.

Become familiar with the basics

Telehandlers are not specialised construction machines. On the contrary, they are highly versatile heavy lifting machines. It is not in your best interest to increase your hiring costs. What you need is an option that gives you the chance to stay within your budget. Price is a key factor and you have to make sure that the price offers you the best value. Finding the right heavy lifting machine for your needs is not simple. You have to identify your needs.

  • Lift capacity: When you are choosing a telehandler, the first thing you should think about is what you need to lift and how much it weighs. Take a look at the things that you will need to pick up in order to determine your lifting requirements. Once you have a good idea about what you need, discuss your requirements with a specialist in telehandler hire, preferably UK Forks.
  • Where the loads are going: Telehandlers are available in all lift heights. Figure out how you need or want the load to be lifted. Will you be lifting straight up or do you have to avoid obstacles? Check the machine‚Äôs load chart to see if it is able to lift the load in the desired position.
  • Terrain conditions: There is no doubt that telescopic handlers are highly versatile, but not all of them are capable of travelling over muddy, rough terrain. The ground conditions will help you choose the right type of telehandler for the job, indicating how small or how big it should be.

Ask these questions before hiring a telehandler

When renting heavy lifting machinery, it is essential to ask the following questions.

What attachment do I need?

Besides forks, which are standard attachments, popular attachments are carriages, booms, brooms, and hydraulics. Attachments make the difference, allowing you to handle all kinds of tasks. In fact, the attachments make telescopic handlers such functional tools.

What training requirements do I have to meet?

Heavy lifting machinery operators have to be properly trained. Make sure to ask the dealer if they offer training.

What type of tires do I need?

You cannot put just any tires on the telescopic handler. You have the following options: pneumatic, foam filled, and solid tires. Do not waste your money on the wrong tires.

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