For centuries, people have always placed a lot of value in gold because it is considered as a precious metal. Back in the day gold was mined and sold in the form of coins, bars, jewelry, and other physical forms. Today, however, that is no longer the case. Although there are still many gold bars, coins, jewelry, and even edible gold available for purchase, most prefer to invest in top gold stocks instead.

Investing in stock instead of having gold physically means it earns more interest and is safely kept in high-security facilities. It is a very lucrative industry with a lot of competition. Navigating through different stock options can be difficult and confusing. Here’s a list of excellent gold stock options to invest in today:

#3: GoldCorp

A relatively newcomer when compared to other gold miners in the community, but GoldCorp is slowly climbing up the ranks. When the company first started back in 1994 they had an uphill battle. Since Rob McEwen, the company’s founder decided to host a contest in 2000 on who can find the most gold based on their geological data, GoldCorp has been on the radar ever since. Although still considered a small company, there are plans to increase production by 2021 making this the perfect time to invest in GoldCorp.

#2: Agnico Eagle Mines Ltd.

When it comes to production of minerals, exploration, and development Agnico Eagle Mines Ltd takes the cake. The Canadian gold company based in Quebec has mines located in Canada, Finland, and Mexico. They operate with a 28% debt to equity standing and are predicted to exceed all expectations for the 2018 gold market. Another positive thing to look forward to in 2018 for Agnico Eagle Mines Ltd is their continued expansion of both new and existing mines.

Agnico Eagle Mines Ltd is still considered a junior gold miner, but they are headed for great things in the future. Their stocks are constantly heading North meaning there is a lot of value in investing in this small but reputable gold miner.

#1: Royal Gold, Inc (RGLD)

If the thought of investing in a small gold company seems daunting and risky there are always trusted and seasoned top gold stock holders like Royal Gold. This company is considered as one of the most successful and largest non-traditional gold operators in the world. Why? Royal Gold makes their money in a different way when compared to other gold companies. The secret to their success is their shares and royalties on mines and other factions of the gold enterprise.

Royal Gold has shares and agreements with mines in over 20 different countries all around the world. They are the most diverse as well as one of the oldest miners in the business. If that does not strike confidence in investors, nothing will.

Take the time to study the current market before investing in gold stocks. Even if gold will always retain its value, choosing a company that is the best of all will significantly add to your assets in the future.
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